PharmTouch has been providing consulting services to Texas nursing facilities since 1992. We have been providing directed in-service training since 2000. Our consultants have experience dealing with surveyors and the stress a survey places on a facility. One of our key goals is to educate facility staff in ways to provide excellent patient care in keeping with state and federal regulations and to avoid practices that may contribute to potential deficiency citations. Our In-services are individualized to address the facility’s specific deficiency citation and identify ways to meet the entire regulatory intent to help prevent a repeat issue. In-services are provided on schedules to meet your staffing needs and shift times.

In-service Examples

  • F757 Unnecessary Medications
  • F755 Pharmacy Services
  • F880 Infection Control
  • F812 Sanitary Conditions—Food
  • F726 Proficiency of Nurse Aides
  • W368 & W369 Drug Administration
  • F800 Food and Nutrition Services
  • Others on request
We help reduce the risk of deficiencies